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“Pop” goes the music, loud..

I have always believed Music has no bounds and it is one thing that brings people together from different cultures at ease. It’s just the seven basic notes which create a symphony of beautiful melody. Though seems simple, beautiful music brings a strong aesthetic emotion, maybe call it nostalgic. Listening to beautiful music kind off evokes a fascinating excitement that changes the chemistry of our brain. A great work of Beethoven’s or AR Rehman's always anchored memories deep in our brains because they are closely associated with strong emotions.

Research studies reveal that listening to great music releases the hormone dopamine, a major motivational component. This happy hormone helps to control the reward and pleasure centres of our brain. If we want to overcome Alzheimer or welcome the ageing gracefully one should keep our brain engaged. An engaging brain creates new synapses throughout our lifetime. And that’s why we hear people say “a human brain never stops functioning”. An ear for music always serves as a great tool to keep our brain engaged. The type of genre we listen to determines one’s personality. Hence, music has a robust influence on one’s mood. Listening to happy or sad music will change the perception of the world around you. I can still associate myself how this beautiful work of Jonathan Pachelbel’s Canon D has brought a huge positive impact in my life. Plato rightly said, “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul “. No matter you are old or young, happy or sad Music can improve the quality of our lives in a lot of ways. It reduces stress, motivates, boosts health, removes pain, helps to sleep better and most importantly it makes us smarter.

Unfortunately, today’s music is just noise. It all started with the development in technology twenty years ago which radically changed the way music was created. With a click of a mouse, it fairly became easy to enhance a song giving it an aggressive thunderous presence. Classical music slowly started to fade out keeping its presence subtle to a specific group of music lovers. Music went pop and loudness has won. The 12 chromatic scales today became “ ahhh “, “yeah”…”Hooohh “. Rap, the art form that minorities once used to express their pain and cruel strength has become so glamorous and the most celebrated genre in today’s music. It is used to boast about drug and alcohol abusive lifestyle, praise of meaningless sex and relationship, and everything that endures way to idolize self-destruction. On the other hand, Hip-hop artists become a mediator for narcissism and self –centeredness. The lingo used in the lyrics these days demoralizes cultural ethics. Well, freedom of speech is taken for granted.

I feel so remorseful to see the way a culture is being salvaged. Nevertheless, I still wonder how the brain responds to loud noise and awful lingo of this new musical culture. On a total controversy, some research has found that “hip-hop therapy” can have a positive impact on the listeners. What music you like depends on your personality. Classical or pop or hip-hop music just connects people.