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A powerful medium to create pu..

Street play is one of the oldest theatre forms where the artists enact in public places with no specific target audience. It is a genre of drama performed with music and dance which is known for its simplicity and creative execution. It serves as a metaphor that captures an image of moral nature which every layman can relate to. It is also known as 'nukad natak'.

A street play is known for its catchy dialogues, attractive slogans and powerful dramatic elements like tragedy, humor, mimicry etc. The youths mainly come forward to play this genre. The primary goal of a street play is taking a social message to a large group of people. This helps to create a sense of awareness in the society in which we live. Every street play has a specific public social theme and the actor who performs should posses the skill to exhibit and portrays the theme well. The dialogues are colloquial and should be rendered monotonously with a clear and loud voice. This kind of recitation in high pitch will leave a huge impact in the minds of people.

Generally the duration of the street play is very less. It is not an easy task for any actors to perform in an extensive group. Most of the time, the actors are uniformly dressed in order to bring the uniformity in behavior, mindset and outlook of the people. Lack of proper theatre settings is an added advantage to get connected with people in real life. This effective technique will compel the spectators to stereotype with the character played.

This genre of theatrical performance has evolved as an influential medium in the 21st century to transform the society. It unites the people from different walks of life breaking the conventions of theatre. Therefore Street plays have become popular genre in the world of theatres, especially among the youths. Students from school, NGO’s and employees from corporate (as a part of CSR activity) chose this vital tool to ignite the minds of people to tackle with social and political issues by taking their right to freedom of speech.

It is very surprising to learn that the spectators who gets moved by the gravity of the issue donates resource or help to raise funds for a cause for which the play is indented to. Change in the society comes with the change in the mindset of people. Street play can rightly achieve the goal. Let’s be the change to create a positive and healthy place for our future gen to live.