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Educate a sex worker’s child..

A thoughtful purpose on educating a sex worker’s child is an eye-opener! Education plays an important role in the lives of many who can afford it, however, it is a way off for a child born in a brothel. These children find it hard even to start schooling as they carry the stigma of their mothers over their shoulders which throws them into a very crumpled state of agony. Research and statistics state that most of the children born here are girls. Some mothers are concerned about their children and try not to infest them into this profession, but, most mothers persuade their girl child to choose the same imperatively while a male child disappears into a mental blankness caving into the planned sex trade.

A woman or a child in the cathouse is very much impoverished to express their desire. Their dreams perish. It would take all the guts of a human heart to face the brutal challenges if they choose to flee from a condemned place. This fear of atrocity pulls them back into the darkness. Even though some mother risks her own life in order to provide education to her child, the schools in the nearby locality menacingly refuse to admit these kids’ due to the fact that they carry HIV virus. Some children even succeed to escape a savaged wrecked place what they call home hoping that they would end up in a better place to lead a meaningful life. Those who have managed to escape seek shelter in NGOs mostly.

Social workers and many non-profit organizations are involved in anti-trafficking of naïve woman and children who are dragged into this flesh-eating trade. They rescue children and provide a home to live in. Efforts are made to intervene them and provide a solid education to choose a better career for a decent living. Some like-minded individuals take responsibility in making donations or raising funds in order to help these children to live their dream. The hopelessness in the eyes of a child becomes a ray of hope when they actually live a life they always wanted.