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Moral science, a bygone subjec..

“To educate a man in mind and not morals is to educate a menace to the society- Theodore Roosevelt”

Moral education is a value added learning which helps the children to develop a good moral and civic sense to serve the society well. A decade ago, there existed a separate subject called moral science in almost all the schools be it private or a public sector. Sadly, this substantial subject was removed from the curriculum as our education system confined more to the subject knowledge forgetting the importance of teaching life skills for the children.

Educational institutions contribute a major role in incorporating values to the future generations. Education is not only about acquiring theoretical knowledge; it is about the way it shapes the mind and soul of a child. Moral science teaches ethics and values. It influences critical thinking and helps a student to differentiate the right from wrong. When a person chooses to be right it exhibits his moral value, and if his morality reflects the willingness to do so, then it is called ethics. Etiquettes, soft skill and ethics all become a part of curriculum right from a very beginning a child starts school.

Childhood is a very gullible age, whatever is being taught at this tender age will leave a deep impression throughout his lifetime. Moral education makes a child self reliant, confident and responsible. It helps the child to be mentally, emotionally and physically strong to face any kind of situations in their life. When a child learns to practice early to differentiate the right and the wrong there wouldn’t be any blue whale suicides, child abuse, Juvenile Delinquency, communalism or any other social problems.

It is the responsibility of the modern day schools to introduce Moral science as a mandatory subject from primary to the secondary as per the directions of the Supreme Court. Donating a 45 minutes Moral Science period for a week will make a huge difference!