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Quarantining is better than ge..

COVID-19 has emerged as a pandemic in this time period and has its violently vigorous spread all across the world. What is so alarming is that over 1.4 lakh deaths have occurred throughout the world so far and would definitely go beyond this painful number when you are reading this. Since no vaccines or drugs have been found out, it has become very difficult to arrest its supersonic spread. As of now, self-quarantining ourselves is taken as the prime preventive measure for this pandemic. The fact that this virus is pleomorphic in nature makes the process of curing it, a complex one. So, until a proper cure i.e. medicine is found out, strict precautionary measures are to be followed to get away from the attack of COVID-19.
As of India, due to early lockdown throughout the country, the transmission rate is quite low when compared to other countries. But if we fail to proceed with the measures, it would be very much difficult to control, keeping in mind the huge population that we have. An approximate period of lockdown can be derived from “SIR”- a simple mathematical modelling that figures out the theoretical number of people infected with a contagious disease in a closed population over a given period of time. (Where S is susceptible, I is infected, R is recovered). On giving the necessary inputs for the modeling, we could arrive at a clear point that, a range between 55-60days of lockdown, is very necessary to drop down the increasing count of infected people.
The government should make a daring decision to prolong the curfew till the stability of situation is ensured for quite a period at least (towards the end of lockdown) or else if they hurry to set people free of lockdown, there is a possibility of the second cycle of infection too, as seen in China. To avoid that dreadful situation, every human should know his/her responsibility for controlling the spread of this killing virus by coping up with the orders of government. Also, keeping in mind the selfless souls that are tirelessly working to fight against this disease, we should act accordingly. Among the various researches that have been carried on so far, research on plasma is eyed to get the probable solution to fight this pandemic. The reason is that for some previous pandemics, positive results were obtained through plasma therapy. The recent outbreak of Ebola in Africa was counteracted by the convalescent plasma therapy, due to the unavailability of specific drugs or treatments. Though research is being done in various countries, it would take quite a period of even about a year to formulate and produce a suitable medicine. Hence voluntary quarantine, being the only weapon for us as of now, we all should follow that measure, to fight together to evade this pandemic.