• Who can create a cause?

    Anybody above the age of 18 can create a cause.

  • How can I contribute to a cause?

    To make a contribution for a cause, click the option "Contribute" in the home page and choose "Cause" which navigates you to the cause page where you can choose the cause you wish to contribute.

  • What is the minimum I can contribute to a cause?

    The minimum contribution to a cause is Rs.200. You can also choose from the default amount mentioned or add a denomination of your own.

  • Do I need to register to make a contribution?

    No. It’s not mandatory. However, we request you to provide us your contact number and email address in order to send you the donation receipt and a note of appreciation.

  • Can I make a contribution anonymously?

    Yes, you can if you wish to. Choose the option "Contribute Anonymously" you will be shown as an Anonymous donor. However, DoAram, the payment gateway, and the NGO you choose will know your identity in order to maintain compliance with Indian laws.

  • Will I get an 80G Tax Exemption??

    Yes, 80G Tax Exemption receipt will be given to you from the NGO that you chose to contribute, provided your PAN details is shared to the NGO. This is issued only to Indian citizens.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    There are various methods to choose from, such as:

    • Credit Cards
    • Debit Cards
    • Net Banking

  • What do I do if my transaction fails?

    If the amount is not deducted, please try again. In case, if the same problem is repeated a couple of times, kindly take a screenshot and email it to us at, info@doaram.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


  • How can NGOs raise funds on DoAram?

    An NGO has to go through a due diligence process and submit essential information and documents in order to raise funds in our platform. We take around 1-2 weeks from the period of declaration to carefully screen the provided documents and we will contact you for more information or clarifications if required. For more details, please refer to NGO Registration process page.

    DoAram, sends a contract of endorsement with terms and conditions for the execution once the approval criteria are met by an NGO. The certified NGO can create a cause and start raising funds on www.doaram.com

  • What documents do the NGOs need to submit for due diligence?

    An NGO must share the following documents

    • Incorporation Document
    • PAN Card Copy
    • 80G Registration Certificate
    • 12A Registration Certificate
    • Bank Account Information

    For more information, please refer to our NGO Registration process page.

  • Does an NGO need 80G tax exemption permission to raise funds on DoAram? Do you consider exceptional cases?

    Yes, to raise funds on DoAram, an NGO must have 80G tax exemption certificate. No, we do not make any exceptions.

  • Does an NGO need Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) certificate to raise funds on DoAram

    No, you don’t need FCRA certificate to raise funds from Indian donors on DoAram. However, as per Indian law, NGOs cannot raise funds from non-Indian / foreign donors if they don’t have FCRA certificate.

  • How to create a Causes?

    Fundraising becomes easy following these steps

    • Sign up or log into our website.
    • Clicking "Create Cause" in the home page navigates you to a cause page where you can fill in the required details and click "Start".
    • You can customize your page of your preference with necessary details to make a difference. Videos and pictures are mandatory, make sure you don’t miss them.
    • Submit your cause for review.
    • Once your cause is approved, it goes live. The real endeavour begins here!
    • Now the trick is to convert supporters to donors and collect contributions! And hopefully your campaign will reach its goal amount in no time.
    • Spread the word by sharing with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and email.We help you spread the word too.
    • Fundraising is so easy and a lot of fun.

    Kindly refer How it Works for detailed instructions.

  • Do I have to pay a fee for creating a cause on DoAram?

    Yes, we do charge a nominal fee to create a Cause in our platform. For more details, please visit our Pricing Plan page.

  • Will our NGO receive 100% of donations made through DoAram?

    Doaram is a social enterprise whose primary purpose is to empower people to do good. To have long lasting impact, we want to be sustainable; hence we retain a small percentage of the funds raised per campaign, mainly to cover a fraction of our operating costs. Just to give you an idea, accepting online payments requires third-party payment processors and taxes that typically add up to 9-10% per transaction. For more details, please visit our Pricing Plan page.

  • Can I run more than one campaign at a time on DoAram?

    No. You can't launch multiple campaigns with us. As every campaign, typically requires a certain amount of time commitment to make it successful.

  • How long can I run my campaign for?

    You can run a fundraising campaign for a minimum for 10 days and maximum of 90 days.

  • Does doaram provide receipt to claim tax exemption under 80G towards donation?

    Yes, the receipt to claim the tax exemption will be provided to the Indian donors indispensably.

  • How does an NGO know when a donor makes a donation?

    Soon after a donor makes a donation, we notify you immediately with the details of the transaction via email.

  • When do I receive the donations?

    For the donations made to an NGO , the donated amount will be transferred the following month.

    For a cause, the donated amount will be transferred to your bank account within 4weeks after the end of the campaign.

  • Is there a limit on how much money I can request?

    No. But we recommend you to set realistic targets.

  • What happens if a project receives more funding than it requested?

    You get to keep it all. Similarly, if you do not meet the target, there is no fine or penalty.

  • Will DoAram assist me?

    Yes, we are happy to help:

    • Guiding you to create an appealing campaign,
    • Giving you tips on how to promote it,
    • Helping your supporters by offering them multiple payment options,
    • Sending you notifications with details each time a supporter gives to your campaign,
    • Be available to you via email (info@doaram.com) to answer all your queries.


  • Can a corporate create a cause?

    No. A corporate can’t create causes, but we allow them to make donations towards any campaign.

  • Can I make this platform a part of my Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) program?

    Yes, Absolutely! DoAram is CSR’s new frontier as CSR is now mandatory in India It is an easy and more engaging way to leverage your social image effectively.

  • Can I support a cause?

    Yes. You along with your team members can support to a cause. In fact, we recommend that you do, as it is good to practice what you preach.

  • Who is responsible for completing the project?

    The NGO is responsible for completing the project. They are also supposed to use the funds in an appropriate manner and share feedback report on a timely basis.Kindly visit the doaram social page of particular NGO to know the status.


  • What can I do?

    Following are the ways you can help:

    • Start a Cause

      You can start by creating a cause on our website

    • Explore Causes and NGOs

      You can explore various causes and make a donation

    • Support a cause

      You can extend your support by sharing the cause on your social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

  • How do I register with the site?

    You can either create an account with us or you can login using your existing Facebook or Email accounts. We recommend logging-in through social media like Facebook as it makes it easier for you to spread the word and invite others.

  • What is a user name/ID? Can I change it?

    Your username is your email address registered with us. Your registered email address distinguishes you from other members. It’s how we keep a record of your transactions and, contact information. Yes, you can change it.

  • I forgot my password. What do I do now?

    Go to login page and select "Forgot password" and enter the email ID you used while registering. We will send you a link to your email ID to create a new password.

  • Why do campaigners have to set a target amount and date?

    It is necessary for the campaigners to set a target amount and date because it informs your supporters how much money you require to raise for the cause within a designated amount of time. Moreover, setting goal and deadline will help you to measure your success in creating social impact corresponding to your ambition.

  • Does my contribution show on the causes page?

    Yes, in order to have a comprehensive transparency on the contribution collected, all contributions made are visible in the fundraiser page. The money contributed along with your name and photograph (if shared) gets displayed. Some donors choose to be shown as anonymous.

  • Where will my initial supporters come from?

    Your initial supporters will come from your own family, your colleagues and friends from social media. Once you have your contacts organized you can approach friends of friends and many others in the social medium.

  • How do I know that the Cause owner is not going to run away with my money?

    The NGOs listed with us go through a stringent process to sustain stability. This constraint brings transparency of their process thus building trust among the donors. Hence a fund raiser has to be honest.

  • How long does it take for the funds to reach their intended receiver?

    After the completion / expiry of the fundraising program, we transfer the funds to the receiver as soon as we can. However, this may take about 4 weeks.

  • My initial campaign wasn’t successful. Can I run another one?

    Yes, you are welcome to do so. However, we request you to rebound the reasons why your previous campaign wasn’t successful. Apply the key learnings thoughtfully to make your following campaigns a grand success.