How it Works

How it Works

DoAram plays a significant and active role acting as a bridge between the donors and the beneficiaries recognizing their trust upon us and understanding our responsibility every time a contribution is being made. We take care that every contribution made through DoAram reaches the right people and is used for the intended purpose truly to its objective.

The primary objective of our platform is ensuring accountability and transparency to the donors. Trust and confidence building are paramount to any NGO as the donors need to believe that their contribution to an NGO has been utilised in the right way - beyond any doubt. In the DoAram platform, the transparency factor has been even more increased by enabling all the donors to connect with each other and have communication among themselves. As a step further, the donors can also share their views about an NGO and rate their services. So, it becomes a compulsion and more of a protocol for the NGOs to become more transparent, accountable and responsible in order to attract and sustain the donors.

How your contribution works

For an NGO

DoAram provides an opportunity for voluntary donors be it an NGO, a Corporate, or an Individual to donate or raise funds for any NGOs listed with us of their choice. The NGOs are listed in DoAram platform following a stringent registration process: "DoAram's process to register an NGO", to ensure atmost reliability towards their donors.




Login to our website and click, contribute



Choose contribute to an NGO and select the NGO that you wish to contribute



DoAram gives you a receipt of donation confirmation with the organization’s details



Donation money is utilized by chosen NGO to identified beneficiary



We monitor every donation received and will ensure that the NGO sends us a post evaluation with details about the beneficiary


Email Receipt

DoAram mails you a complete report on the donation received

For a cause

Cause is a happening and compulsive phenomenon in the life of a person, a group of people, a society or an environment that demands and qualifies for attention, care and redressal. DoAram platform allows individuals or NGOs to post a cause for which they wish to raise funds. An NGO can initiate a fundraising campaign towards the cause created by itself or by any individual through social media and newsletters and maintain their registered donors.



Say your story!

Create a cause page and let the world know about your cause for fundraising


Spread it!

Spread a word in social media, emails, and through word of mouth; the more you share, the better is the result


Go global!

Raise funds through network and escalate your mission to create an impact to the world


Success story

Share your accomplishment with pictures and thank every soul who supported for the cause


Why campaign with us for your causes?

Advantages and benefits as you travel with us.

Extended communication Network: As communication is the key to reach out to donors in raising the funds, our platform offers an NGO or an individual a communication channel to reach specific or wider audience in their pursuit of potential donors.

Hassle – free: DoAram keeps you off from the conventional and tiresome methods of donation seeking such as door-to-door campaigns and/or making repeated calls to potential donors. We provide an instant and easy way to connect to millions of people on the internet to pitch your cause.

Online payments made easy: Transaction is made effortless and swift through our online payment gateways, making it simple for donors from around the world to contribute to your cause.

Effective use of CSR partnerships: Our platform helps the Corporate Entities to spot and reach the right and really needy people. We assist their CSR initiatives by allowing them to commence, advocate or partner development projects.