Adarsh Bhagwati Sikchha Seva Sansthan

Adarsh Bhagwati Sikchha Seva Sansthan



Adarsh Bhagwati Sikchha Seva Sansthan is founded and organized by the President, Kamlesh Kumari. It is headquartered at Bhogaon, Uttar Pradesh. The organization is started in the year 1993. It runs a free old age home and provides food, clothes and shelter for the elderly people who are underprivileged. It engages in activities like providing free education, computer education and scholarships are provided to meritorious students. It also conducts after school coaching classes for students from rural areas. In addition, the organization performs environment developmental programmes.

    Contact Details

    Bheem Nagar,
    Bhogaon, Mainpuri,
    Uttar Pradesh - 205262

    +91 9411440663

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