Adi Federation


ADI federation an NGO based at Coimbatore working mog the tribal last 10 year. The federation established by tribal people for tribal people. They are concentrating tribal children’s education and livelihood, health and right.


Socioeconomic Livelihood development of the hill tribes creating opportunity.


Empowerment of tribal community by education, capacity building and networking with other CBOs.


  • To Raise the socio, economic, cultural and political status of the tribal generation
  • To Assure basic education to all children in focus villages
  • To empower the tribal community, to protect and preserve their culture and rights
  • Improve the Health status of tribal through their medicinal practice
  • Generate awareness among tribal about rights and entitlements and empower them through awareness and organization
  • To Protect and Preserve the Environment
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    +91 9626143761

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