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AHM Trust

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Committed to making a difference Renate and Shashi In 1994 were motivated to provide services that could transform the lives of children, women and the elderly in the remote village of B. Dharmathupatti, near Bodinayakanur in the district of Theni in Tamil Nadu recognizing the challenges that many of them particularly those that are often marginalized in rural society faced.
Their comprehensive plan included providing free medical care and improving education, vocational skills, job opportunities, and infrastructure.
In 1996, AHM Trust initiated a program to motivate women to form self-help groups in order to help solve their socio-economic problems. Several well-established women's groups joined together to form a Women's Group Federation.
Compassion for the underprivileged and disadvantaged children lead the trustees to establish children home who are often found on the street either abandoned or runaways. These children are rehabilitated back into their home, if appropriate, or back into school and the society as a whole.
In 2015 a senior home was built housing 15 senior women, 3 caregivers, and one dormitory to accommodate 10 men. AHM provides room and board, food, medical care and various activities in order to give them a decent quality of life.
AHM's community health program emphasizes prevention as the most effective way of improving the general health of the population. The program focuses on three components like health education, reproductive health, community-based care and support and support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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