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Best Empowerment services trust was established to empower women to form a downtrodden community to live a life with sustainability. A harmonious society has blossomed when the need of everyone met for a decent livelihood, equality of every individual is socially accepted and their rights are well protected thus bringing socio-economic improvement among the underprivileged sections of the community.

Women from the poor community and their children in rural/tribal remote areas and urban slum professionalize to cultivate medicinal plants(herbal plants), for delivery channels in India and bring them into the mainstream to be at par with the formal Agricultural sector and with the world’s best practices. We provide knowledge, develop leadership, build skills, and enable access to resources thus promoting self-sustained development of the poor and a gender equal society.

We emphasize the empowerment of woman in Rural/Urban/tribal areas that would lead to the benefits at two levels: Direct benefit to an individual woman and the other Women SHGs. We train the woman members of the SHGs in herbal plantation and naturopathy. We bring awareness to the market and export their products.

Harmonious living is achieved when there is no caste discrimination. We train people to live without any caste feeling or religious feeling and how to obtain their basic right to live with freedom. High-quality life has will be introduced to village people in rural, urban and tribal areas providing a permanent infrastructure for a better living.

Quality education will be provided for the children from the backward family. Community development activities and family administration practice will be taught for the benefits for the families and community as a whole.

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    Mrs. Kannagi

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