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With over more than 25 years of experience in serving towards the welfare of the people and their development, our journey has given us a wonderful experience to deliver the uncompromised quality of service to the people in need.

Our area of specialization includes the release and rehabilitation of bonded labor, women empowerment and children development, HIV/AIDS care, and support, environment, and biodiversity, helping differently abled and in the rural development program.

With our successful bondage rescue and release of 32 girls from Goa and 16 laborers from quarry workers from Gujarat and Rajasthan, Indo Trust was selected by Child Line India Foundation, this project is implemented to save the children in distress such as child labor, runaway children, trafficking, sexually abused, child marriage, street children, orphans, begging children etc., The center provides service on a need of emergency to safeguard the children and provide social protection. We jointly work with the cooperation and coordination of District Administration, Police Department, Health Department, Social welfare, District Child Protection Unit, Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board, different government departments (working with an allied system) NGOs, local key representatives, and industries.

Our trust distributed school learning materials such as notebooks and pen, pencil to 295 school students those who are unable to meet the expenses of school materials. As a result, the number of school dropouts has reduced. With the implementation of Rajiv Gandhi national crèche scheme, about 30 kids were benefited under this program.

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    Mr. J. Mohamed Hussain

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