Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre


Mahelerecen does voluntary health promotion and preventive services of general health education, leprosy awareness program, case detection, treatment and rehabilitation services for leprosy disabled people among the deserving slum and rural population of Madurai district since 1991. We have about 550 patients under our care. We have a strong goal of improving the quality of life of vulnerable children and orphans by providing education, proper care, love, and support. Additionally, it promotes the empowerment of the rural community in various aspects affecting humanity.

Our, Survey Education and Treatment model provide a health education program to people on communicable diseases like TB, Cholera, HIV/ AIDS, Leprosy, and general health care. This model has helped the people to voluntarily report their health complaints.

We have conducted various programs with the help of volunteers from all over the world. We are interested to get your cooperation to extend your voluntary services for the benefits of the needy.

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    +91 4522360159

  • Founder:

    Dr Maria Xavier Turtius

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