Manolayam Health Care Trust

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    Tamilar Street, MelaPanankattangudi, ,Boothamangalam,Needamangalam ,Thiruvarur,Tamil Nadu,India - 610102


MANOLAYAM HEALTH CARE TRUST is located in Manargudi Tamil Nadu. MANOLAYAM HEALTH CARE TRUST is registered as a Trust at Manargudi of state Tamil Nadu with NGO unique registration ID 'TN/2014/0080875'. The NGO registration is done by Charity Commissioner with registration number 40/03 on the date of 2003 February 28th Friday, Its parent organization is Paul Foundation. The Chairman of MANOLAYAM HEALTH CARE TRUST is Murugaiyan and Chief functionary officer is Murugaiyan.

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    +91 9865582777

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