Society for Community Organization and Rural Education (SCORE) is a Voluntary Social Service Organization with non profit motive. Our organization has been duly registered with State Government under the TamilNadu Societies Registration Act. 27 of 1975 and it has been functioning since 1995, by a group of social minded and dedicated persons hailing from the bottom strata of the rural society, having clear insight into the problems faced by socially and economically downtrodden and underprivileged segments of the rural communities.

Vision :
The vision of Score is to be a people centered Grass Root Level Developmental Organization effectively addressing the developmental issues of the Rural and Tribal poor and socially under privileged people at micro and macro levels coordination with like minded NGOs and people's organizations.

Mission :
The mission of Score is to promote community based sustainable development effectively through its community based groups in collaboration with government and like - minded local and international NGOs.

Our Activities :
SCORE growth into a fully fledged development organization, covering over 45,000 people in 25 villages, is attributable to the sustained vision of a just and equitable society. Decentralization is the core component of this vision, as it allows beneficiary communities to use technological know-how and organizing capacities to develop according to the principles of self-governance. While our focus remains on decreasing the prevalence of water-borne illness and sustainably raising the water retention capacities of rural watersheds, SCORE gives us the flexibility to assist interventions in livelihood, prenatal and maternal health, credit networks and rights-based advocacy. These efforts allow us the resources to approach development holistically and to use our experience in the development sector to further link tribal communities with other non-governmental organizations, international aid projects and government development agencies.

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    +91 9443533617

  • Founder:

    Balasundharan AA

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