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The founder of the farm is Kuttappalayam K.N.Swaminathan who served as the chairman of “The livestock development committee of the government of Tamil Nadu” for a decade brought in various legislations for protecting the indigenous Kangayam race from extinction. Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation is headed by its Chairman, the founder's son Mr. K. Saminathan Sivasenapathy and managed by Mr.Karthikeyan Sivasenapathy, Managing Trustee.

Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation (SKCRF) is an in situ conservation and breeding center based in Kuttapalayam in Tirupur district of Tamil Nadu. SKCRF functions as a resource and research center working on conservation of native breeds of cattle. Awareness is focussed more intensely for the Kangayam breed and the Korangadu, a unique silver pastoral land and farming system which is unique to Kongu region, mid-western Tamilnadu. Kangayam breed and the Korangadu are interdependent and hence they need to be protected from the serious threats that they face. SKCRF also works to preserve the bio-cultural values and the uniqueness around our indigenous breeds of livestock and the traditional knowledge associated with it.

SKCRF has been advocating and practicing ethical organic farming. The cattle in the farm grow in a stress-free environment in the open grasslands called Korangadu. This is called ecological livestock keeping. The Korangadu is a unique habitat comprising of Velan trees spread in regular intervals and with nearly 23 types of vegetation. With no pesticides in the grazing land, the cattle are raised harmoniously in their ecosystem grazing all day. As the cattle graze on abundant kolukuttai grass and Velan pods in the open natural environment thereby reducing external inputs making it a sound sustainable method of livestock keeping.

The major advantage is that the cattle rarely falls sick as it gets the best nutrition and immunity. So the occasion of cows being given any medicine or unwanted antibiotics which are harmful to them and us does not arise. The calcium-rich soil in the region adds to the vigor of the cattle and the milk that it provides. Hence it is a much sought after milk for young ones and women for nutrition, immunity and calcium requirements. This milk is recommended by ayurvedic practitioners in their treatment. The milk of Kangayam is recognized as healthy and nutritious milk which has no bad fat and is prescribed by doctors for children up to the age of 7. The ghee of this region is world famous due to ecological livestock keeping and calcium found in soil. To ensure all these things, SKCRF has been actively practicing advocating the best practices in these areas.

For raising awareness the Foundation is in the process of establishing a Kangayam Cattle Heritage Museum at Kuttapalayam. After careful research, a Kangayam Cattle Heritage Trail has been created by identifying important sites of social, cultural and heritage value associated with the Kangayam Breed.

Major training is imparted to livestock keepers and farmers in Zero Budget Farming, Compost Making, Making Panchagavyam, Vembu Karaisal/Astrum, Korangadu maintenance, Livestock keeping, Empowering women by imparting training in livestock keeping.

SKCRF has been involved in issues related to sustainability and livelihoods of people, especially women. Women take a central role in cattle raising. They not only maintain cattle but also are important in herding them into Korangadu. They also rear other livestock such as poultry and sheep in addition to the Kangayam cattle. Sheep are important livestock that plays a vital role in the rural economy, especially women.

SKCRF has been working with the State and the Union Government to the extent of running programs and to recommend changes in policies for veterinary practices. SKCRF’s proposal has been sanctioned by the National Biodiversity Authority to publish material for awareness and also for activities such as Cattle shows. The NBA has granted funds for awarding prizes for best bulls, cows, heifers; best livestock keepers and other categories. The State Government also has taken up the proposals submitted by SKCRF to run cattle shows not only for Kangayam breed but also for others. SKCRF has organized exhibitions in association with the Animal Husbandry department. Many policy level suggestions have been provided to the Tamilnadu Agricultural University that will have an impact on the organic movement in Tamilnadu.

SKCRF also works with the Food and Agricultural Organization and the United Nations Environment Program. Seminars, workshops, global agendas are discussed and deliberated with colleagues at these organizations for global policies related to livestock.

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