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"Religion starts with reason and inquiry and ends in love and service for all beings” - Swamiji
Shivanjali Trust, incorporated in 1986 is an organization founded by Swami Shantanand Saraswathi dedicated to the practice of Swamiji’s teachings, which are similar to those of all religions - ‘Serve….. Love…... Give” with the aim of serving the society with no religious barriers. His vision is to create an organization of loving souls who are channels of love and compassion, through whom many will be nourished in body, mind, and spirit. Medical charities and performing arts are the major activities while we also run restaurants, tailoring, and doll making sections and sweets and spices section opening job opportunities for women from meager backgrounds, thus empowering woman.
The trust activities include the following
Sivashantha, a 30 bedded Mother and Child Health Centre constructed with donations from kind-hearted souls. We provide quality health care to mothers and children from 3 months of conception until 3 years of age. The treatment is personalized, taking into account the physical, psychological, social and environmental background of the patient.
Shivanjali Creative Arts and Crafts Unit empowers and encourages the woman to learn various skills like tailoring and hand embroidery, pickle, spice and snack making, and Aromatherapy which opens the doors for an opportunity that improves the socioeconomic status of a woman.
The Temple of Fine Arts is recognized as an organization committed to the promotion of art and culture. Music and dance are taught with the spirit of making beautiful humans out of those who come to us. Music and dance are taught with the spirit of making beautiful humans out of those who come to us.
Lavanya, a craft center outlet that sells India’s finest artifacts. We strive to continue our vision to nurture the art and artists from around the country.
Everyday Annadhanam (poor feeding) is done, 50-60 people. Besides this, at Shivanjali’s Annalakshimi we feed people under “Eat what you feel and pay what you feel” motto.
All our activities started in a humble way have grown beyond our limits of sustenance. We do not have a huge reserve or flowing funds. We manage because we staunchly believe and trust in the inherent goodness and generosity of the human heart.

Any little help goes a long way in wiping the tears of the poor. The timely help offered now will carry the fruits for a lifetime. Anyone who believes that helping the poor is seeing divinity can help us carry on our humble work.

There are a lot of ways in which you can help us in each of our projects. You can contribute, specifying your choice and it will be used for the same.

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    Dr Uma Deavi

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