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SEEDS being a community development organization, has its thrust on the preservation and promotion of biodiversity in all forms of its community-centric programs - a testimony to its belief through experience, that no development is possible and sustainable without the support of a rich biodiversity environment. We are committed towards the empowered and enhanced living condition of marginalized and downtrodden farmers, abandoned women, children, Dalits, youths, people affected by HIV/AIDS and other weaker sections in Tamilnadu.

Our thematic area covers a wide spectrum raining from addressing water crisis and issues promoting water harvesting and management practices among rural masses by creating awareness and building appropriate education on water issues and Management.

The focus in the sphere of sustainable agriculture and biodiversity is on the revival of traditional seed varieties & agriculture practices that were prominent and successful, from among the small & marginal farmers of rainfed/dryland areas. As the term itself implies, it includes a wide range of components such as crop & tree diversity, diverse breeds of cattle & poultry and very little or nil external input to the farm. In short, the farmer groups are trained to decide on farm components that are complementary to each other, and never remain isolated with its dependency on external inputs.

The child and youth development programs are meant to groom the younger generation as responsible citizens. We provide opportunities and access to personality development programs/exercises, create space for improving their academic studies, involve them in talent exploration, form them into children/youth clubs and give encouragement for extracurricular activities.

The present focus of SEEDS has been on the Malayali Tribe Communities present in the Easter Ghats of Namakkal District. The organization is involved in the problem identification pertaining to the tribes, and evolving strategies with the community leaders & representatives to sort out a short term and long term solutions to their burning problems of tribal land and women & children's rights.

Both in the traditional and modern social set up, the role of women in the decision-making process has either been sidelined and or subordinated – thus keeping them at the receiving end. Since this form of development is unjust and gender biased, SEEDS has been making conscious efforts to empower women so as to have equal say in the decision making and implementation process.

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