About Us

About us

The word 'Aram' means an act of kindness without greed.

We, at DoAram strongly believe that restoring goodwill in humanity is possible by enabling all stake holders, NGOs, Corporate and Individuals, with right technology, process and services.

Our Vision

Building the world's largest contribution platform to facilitate donations, skills, time and resources with ease.

What we do


No NGO exists without a noble cause. Most of the NGOs are weak in their process, technology and marketing to promote their objective among the individuals and corporate who are willing to donate. Because of these drawbacks, they are not able to raise funds, get volunteers and resources. In addition, every NGO follows its own process and ends up with no transparency. Now this makes the donors to assess the NGO becomes very difficult. DA brings standard process to certifyNGOs, make them to become more effective in their daily operations. This enables great transparency among NGOs.



Most of the corporate centralize their CSR activities to their headquarters. Corporate headquarters are geographically locatedin different parts of the world. Operating and identifying the NGO which is closer to their heart and brand becomes impossible. Because of these difficulties, they end up choosing an NGO which is known or referred to them. Most of the well performing NGOs are left unnoticed because of this selection process followed by corporates. As stated in the NGO section, DA on boards certified NGOs irrespective of their geographical locations with defined process. Now this opens the door for corporates to choose from the ocean of DA certified NGOs.


Whenever natural calamities like flood or earthquakes strikes or if someone needs assistance for medical emergency, children education, we are deeply touched and affected by these factors. Thoughmajority intentto help the victims by donating, it does not happen because of the stigma attached within us thinking whether the money really goes to the needy people or not. Our DA platform overcomes this stigma by bringing transparency to the world by certifying and standardizing the NGOs.