An alternative school needs your support to build a rainwater harvesting system


  • Raised: 3450
  • Goal: 800000

Helikx, an open school that caters to impart academic skills particularly to those children with special learning disabilities runs an on-campus residential complex for the benefit of their students. There are about 40 students and 20 teaching and non-teaching staff currently residing here. The total enrolment has reached upto 57 this year.

With the problems arising due to water scarcity, these days the students and the staffs are facing crisis due to lack of sufficient availability of water resources to meet their basic daily demands. Even though the school has borewell facility the depletion of groundwater has failed to meet their requirement. The water supply from the panchayat union to the school premises is accessible only once in 15 days which again puts the usage in dire straits.

The present situation forces the management to purchase water by spending a huge amount to meet the requirement of the school. Hence the school management came up with the most reliable and promising solution to construct a rainwater harvesting system. This will help them to store rainwater which can be utilized wisely.

Since the school runs exclusively for the welfare of special children from an impoverished background spending a huge amount to procure water form an agent adds up an additional burden to manage its expenses.
The cost of building a rainwater system comes close to 8 lakhs.

We invite likeminded people to donate and support a thoughtful cause of Helikx.

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