Help us to build a good infrastructure for the Autistic children from a less affordable family


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"Saathivik" is a learning centre for autism which is created with the purpose to serve humanity. There is no cure for Autism. However, with intensive training and early intervention, these kids can be definitely mainstreamed into our society.
At Saathvik we enrol the children whose parents are from a less affordable background and train them with the ABA therapy. Unfortunately, ABA is available only in some parts of India which are very expensive for parents of an Autistic child who might be daily labourers or anybody with low-income level. There are many cases where an autistic child without proper therapy and training will grow up as adults having no proper life skills to survive independently in our society. Eventually, they will be left on the streets after the parents grow old as they would be unable to take care of themselves. (Imagine a 25-year-old boy without toilet training, no communication or social skill and no basic life skill).
There is always a constant demand for infrastructure development on the campus. An Autistic child is very active and keeps moving around a lot. In order to teach a social skill, they need more space. Each child will have their own challenging behaviours (Screaming, hitting, crying, etc). Keeping them in small rooms will hinder the training process of other kids. In a room, only 5 children can be given ABA at a time to see an effective improvement. Hence we need a lot of empty space to teach them social skills, turn taking, group interaction, etc. We are also in need of Vestibular swing system, Trampoline, ball pool; auditory toys and any toys to teach them to play skill and social skill.
Join your hands with us to help us build a great atmosphere for them to receive the therapy that will integrate them into this society and make them productive citizens.

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