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Hailing from Erode, Tamilnadu, a 23yr old financially deprived BTECH graduate, Pavithra is diagnosed with secondary infection of Pemphigus Vulgaris. Pemphigus is an autoimmune disorder. Normally a human body produces antibodies that fight foreign invaders like virus or bacteria but, in pemphigus, the antibodies works the other way around destroying healthy cells of the skin and mucous membrane leaving lesions.

Initially, it all started with a fever and transparent blisters which her parents mistook it to be smallpox because of the similar symptoms. As days passed, the condition got worse and she started to experience distinct development of the infection.

In Pavitra’s case, the infection is so chronic that she has developed blisters all over her body leaving painful open sores eroding her skin away.  The blisters that formed inside her mouth advanced to mouth ulcers making it difficult for her swallow food. This condition in future eventually leads to malnutrition. Although pemphigus is not a curable disease the factors that trigger spreading of the infection can be controlled through proper treatment. Without treatment, the blisters and painful sore can become widespread.

Though Pavitra was initially treated for the infection the dosage of medicines does not respond to the rapid growing condition of the disease. She has to take biologics shots to replace infected membrane with recombinant protein, cells and tissues. With the infection being severe the white blood cells will be destroyed. She will need blood transfusions. She has to be hospitalized for about two months for the treatment.

Shots of biologics, bold transfusion, medications and her stay at the hospital as an in-patient for two whole months would cost about Rs. 8,00,000 / which the family cannot afford.

We would greatly appreciate your donations towards Pavithra’s treatment to save her life.

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