Aanandi Public Development Society

Aanandi Public Development Society



Anandi Public Development society located in Maharashtra aims to develop the capacities of the communities to bring a positive environment among the rural sections of the society especially the children and women through nutrition, education, and health. Encouraging the deprived children women to fulfill their dreams and step forward to pursue the education that will address their socio-economic issues to become self-reliant and bring a positive environment towards uplifting other people is one of the major activities of the foundation. Apart from these, the organization also works on several causes aimed at building a more influential, equal, and socially conscious community such as SHG developments, development in women, and many other activities.

    Contact Details

    45, Police Vasahat, Vivekanand Chowk,
    Nanded Road, Latur,
    Maharashtra - 413512

    +91 9404367533

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