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Helikx open school and learning centre is a model school run by Helikx trust for more than a decade exclusively imparts academic skills to the children particularly to those with specific learning disabilities. It is the first school in the district of Salem which caters education for more than a decade dealing children with learning difficulties, slow learners and ADHD and Dyslexia. Applying remedial teaching with unique methodologies based on learning needs and students potential the school aims in training all their students to free themselves from dogma, preconception and ideology to become independent thinkers. The school provides a non-judicial, unbiased environment to develop a student's analytical, problem-solving skills to become conscious of their opinions, judgements, reflective of their actions and aware of their place in the social, natural world.

Helikx Trust has established it's model School of 20,000 Sq.ft building with various centres that facilitate occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological assessment, counselling, integrated rehabilitation with specially built classrooms. The school also has hostel facilities for meeting the special needs of such children.

The school has gained its Accreditation from National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)under MHRD, New Delhi for Primary(Open Basic Education) and Secondary level.

The average academic fee per student costs around Rs.1,35,000 that includes the tuition fees, vocational education, career-oriented field trips, occupational therapy, student`s enrichment programs and extracurricular activities. As a part of the curriculum and depending on the potential of a student an individual educational plan is created for each student. The training methods include VAKT model (visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile), multisensory learning approach, multiple intelligence strategies and technology-supported teaching methods. Students are also exposed to art, animation, basic computer education, drama and other purposeful job oriented vocational education like plumbing, electrical and farming methods.

Currently, the model school can cater up to a maximum of 100 children where the teacher-student ratio is 1:8. The Parents of these children come from poor background are not able to bear such a huge cost. On average more than 50% of the children who approach the school are from families with poor economic status. Such children need full or partial financial assistance.

We invite philanthropist, social activists, and corporate to visit this model school and contribute liberally sponsoring a child’s education.

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    G.Senthil Kumar

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