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"Uoon, Udai, Uraividam" translates to "Food, Clothes, and Shelter" caters to these three basic needs of human beings is a foundation created by energetic and passionate youngsters.

Food is the most primordial form of comfort. Every 3.6 second a person dies out of hunger, disheartening part is that 75% of them are children. There are 7 Billion people in the world and 925 million are undernourished, what we infer is that our single most vital need as a living creature – eludes the grasp of nearly 1 billion people, a problem that may worsen as population rises.

"Clothing is to man, what winds are to a bird".

Clothing is an important need and a social norm. It is worn by a man to protect himself from adverse climatic conditions. In today’s world dressing has become a fashion. But, it is in the same world there remains a population that lacks access to proper clothing. Some dress for ostentation, while it is a need for others. 

Like clothing, the shelter also protects us from the sun, rain, snow etc. A ‘House’ becomes a ‘Home’ only when people dwell in it. In India, about 1.7 million people are homeless. We see so many people who stay in the pavements. These people on the street lead an insecure life. Especially homeless women and children are subject to physical abuse.

Further, we administer the informal education and career guidance program to the underprivileged children. We also help in setting up start-ups for the handicapped and physically challenged. In addition to that we provide medical services and in conjunction with it, we conduct blood camps, dental camps, and general health check-up to raise fund for various medical ailments. Our society has two sections; one part of a population that has an abundant amount of resources and the other which faces scarcity. We act as a mediator between these two sectors and ensure that the needs of the poor are met. We function to provide a solution for heterogeneous problems that prevail in our society.

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